Friday, February 6, 2015

17 - 24: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

"I dote on his very absence."
~ William Shakespeare

Did you miss me while I was gone? D-did you even know I was gone? 

Wait a minute...

You all held a celebration, didn't you? Aha! I'm onto you now!

But where in the fark was I? Ah, now that is a rather boring tale actually. I'm sorry, but no dragons, quests, exciting adventures were had by me on this hiatus. Though I suppose I could try and punch up the explanation a bit just for kicks, eh? 

Okay. Settle in boys and girls. I'm going to tell you the tale of . . . The Evil Laptop Charger That Could Not. 

Well, actually the title kind of says it all. My laptop charger died and I had to purchase (GASP! DANG IT ALL!) a new one. Though I would like for my laptop to charge on the very air I breathe and try as we may with positive thinking on that one, it didn't happen. 

So, yes, in the eight days that I have been an absentee I had to spend money on a laptop charger. And not just one. Oh, no. See, I attempted valiantly to hold out on spending anything. When my charger died I filched my husband's.

What? What? Don't look at me like that. I shared it with him, dammit. 

But then that one died too. I envision it did so with a puff of sheer spiteful glee and whatever accounts for giving the bird when you don't have a finger with which to give it. 

And so to Amazon we went. And two chargers were purchased. Sniffle.

However, on the plus side, in  24 days of this challenge I have purchased only three things: the cat toy and two laptop chargers. So, there is that! 

Wooo...hooo? Maybe?

I still feel a bit of a failure. Alas.



And so on.

Pay Up Time!

What did I buy on days 17 - 24 of my 365 days of No Buy, No Way, No How?

I am proud to report that I have purchased only:

  • 2 Laptop Chargers of Better Last A Long Time Damn It Quality
This comes to a whopping total of: 43.85 USD!

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