Wednesday, February 18, 2015

28 - 36: Snow, Books, Pathfinder, and a Bit of Slippage

"Life is full of banana skins. 
You slip, you carry on."
~ Daphne Guinness

We've had a smattering of snow here, but as it does every year in my neck of the woods it turns to sleet shortly thereafter making it nigh impossible to travel anywhere for a few days.

Ice, ice, baby. 

But you hear no complaints from these lips - I'd rather take a few inches of ice that will melt come the weekend as opposed the six foot piles of snow further up north!

Courtesy of the weather I'm also now nine books down for my one hundred and fifteen book reading challenge. Read 'em and chuck 'em (in the donation bin that is). Success! 

Yet . . . so many left . . . 


Also, once again I spent a nice weekend free of shopping this past Saturday with friends. We sat around and generated characters for a new tabletop campaign. I'll take that any day over the store. 

However there are some expenditures to report. 

Oh, come on. You saw it in the title right there. *points* "A bit of slippage", see? 

It goes like this - in case you haven't gathered at this point, I'm female. And as such there are certain garments required (or rather shall I say strongly encouraged via society) for me to don. 

Namely bras. 

And when I find myself left with a single sports bra and all others beyond serviceable repair you will bet your heinie I am trucking to the store to acquire a new one. 

Additionally, I'm here to report a purchase made by the husband. With the bluray unable to handle streaming Netflix and freezing up every few minutes, he ordered a Roku to do the job instead. 

That's right, people. A bra and a Roku. I have come clean. 

And I'm still feeling darn proud of us nonetheless. We're only 36 days in for 365 and have purchased a few items along the way (bra, Roku, cat toy, and 2 laptop chargers), but already we've made some massive strides on using what we have and curbing some serious spending tendencies. 

We're buying things when we need them and not frivolously. We're making careful decisions about them as well. In nine days we purchased only three things aside from food and regular housing bills. Three. Things. 

Yes, I know I listed only two just now. But you see, well, ahem . . . 

My true 'slippage' refers to when I was shopping for my bra. I discovered a comfy satin/cotton blend spaghetti strap night gown as I was pushing my cart to the register. My last one had died from years of use and I had decided to not purchase another. After all, shorts and tank tops are perfectly comfortable and my preferred sleeping attire anyway. But some impulsive, rebellious, care-gone-to-the-wind-and-damned-if-I-do impulse took over and that nightie was in the cart and out the door faster than you could blink. 

My one purchase that wasn't thoughtful or considerate in this time. Impulsive. Just how I used to shop (and with big bills to show for it). So I'll be having to keep a close eye on that little thumb biting, shopping imp inside. Argh.

Pay Up Time!

What did I buy on days 28 - 36 (9 days!) of my 365 days of No Buy, No Way, No How?

I am proud (sort of) to report that I have purchased only:

  • One impulsive, rampaging against self-imposed regulations nightie
  • Bra
  • Roku

This comes to a whopping (no, really, it is. Roku's are expensive) total of: 110.00 USD!


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