Tuesday, January 20, 2015

7: Bodyweight Training, the Subsequent Jelly Arms from Pushups, and Doggie Guilt Trips

"Pets are humanizing. 
They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility
to preserve and nurture and care for all life." 
~ James Cromwell

It's amazing the amount of exercises that are available utilizing only one's own body. 

For example, the rather unfortunately named Burpee exercise. 

Take any man or woman and have them bend down in a squat, leap back to plank, do a push up, hop back to a squat, then leap into the air for several reps and they'll be transformed - at first into limp noodles resembling human beings. Eventually, or so the theory goes, into toned bodies with the endurance of a god(dess). 

I hope I manage to make it past the linguini phase. 

Bodyweight exercises utilize your own body as opposed to instruments at a gym. The beauty of this is that it helps save monthly dues and equipment costs. The downside is that you can't exactly use the "Oh darn, the weather is too poor to drive to the gym tonight. I guess I'll skip a day" excuse. 

After pummeling my noodly appendages into submission I nearly ended today as the second in a row whereupon I did not venture into any store and purchase a single thing. 

Until I realized the cats were out of litter. 

And then my dog insisted that if he didn't have a bone Right That Minute then he would surely keel over and suffer a most painful, guilt inducing demise. 

You think I jest, but when an old sly German Shepherd has had ten years to learn the tricks of manipulating your heart you too will cave in to his demands. 

If you don't then maybe it's just because I'm easily manipulated. 


I'll forewarn you on the bill upcoming that I purchase cat litter in bulk. It's just simply easier in the long run with two cats in the house. Cats are full of it (and not just ego, if you catch my drift)

Pay Up Time!

What did I buy on day 7 of my 365 days of No Buy, No Way, No How?

I am proud to report that I have purchased only:

  • 20lbs of cat litter (x4 boxes = 80lbs total)
  • 1 bag of chips (it was barbecue, non-gmo, really tasty Kettle Chips. Don't judge me! munch, crunch)
  • 1 bag of dog bones (5 medium-sized bones in the bag)
This comes to a whopping total of: 41.30 USD (erk! Cough, cough)


  1. The Kindle ate My Comment - True Story!
    So I am on my laptop.
    Lets see -
    I mentioned earlier - well last night when the comment was placed and melted into nothingness making me highly annoyed - that I have missed your blogs and this has been fun. And unlike the cats, I am not full of it.
    I have had your voice echoing in my head - which really is quite funny since we have never heard each other's voice - now when I go to the store I shop completely responsibly. I actually picked up and item Sunday - toted it proudly under my arm as I perused and didn't like, what I really came after, and as I set the item on the counter I looked closer at it and really weighed its value in my life right that moment - will I love it = for how long....needless to say - we - yes I was alone physically - but you were there - we put it back and left without a purchase and I was glad.
    This Sunday the biblical message Pastor Brian shared with us focused on how short our lives are here - on earth - in this realm. Its like a breath from God. We were called to look internally - what is my focus here on this earth, where is my witness, what are my plans, do they align to a greater focus. I like thinking like this.
    Being very ill this past year, I have enjoyed too now the focus on my health. I want this vessel to last as long as it can and I am not taking the care I should with it so I am changing up and taking full responsibility for it. I need it to function to its fullest ability and based on its past usage and fuel - it has revolted on me and that's not fair, it has served me well for almost 50 years. I gave up on it - not it on me.
    So here I am - called spiritually, physically, mentally and now financially - its going to be a wild year 2015 - the reconstruction of me!

  2. Heee! That is fantastic! Now if my voice would only say things like, "Send me cookies. Send me your fresh baked cookies" in addition. Just kidding! :D

    I've been thinking a lot on the same lines lately regarding longevity of life, purpose while here, and also taking care and appreciation for my body.

    My mother-in-law came up with an idea that I think is rather brilliant. She calls herself and her body "her beloved". Because, as she says, it is very difficult to say bad things about a beloved. Basically, she is treating her body and her mind as her beloved friends on this journey through life and it has made a dramatic change for how she feels regarding herself.

    "You're so fat, beloved", "I hate your thighs, beloved" - doesn't have quite the right ring to it. And as a result she has stopped criticizing herself in addition to cultivating care with her diet and exercise for her 'beloved' (herself).

  3. I love that! Your MIL has a wonderful concept and I am adopting it.
    That's awesome!
    I may end up hearing your call for cookies now! "her's in my head Lacey.."