Thursday, January 22, 2015

9: Walking, Walking, and a Little More Walking

"Walking is the best possible exercise. 
Habituate yourself to walk very far." 
~ Thomas Jefferson

After hauling five miles on just my tootsies to pick up a few groceries for tonight's dinner, I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Jefferson. My feet, on the other hand, want to file a complaint for ill treatment. 

There is a great feeling of success and appreciation when you walk to your destinations. At least that is the case for me. Not to mention the joy of the journey. 

And all the trash along the way. 

Seriously people - stop throwing things out of your car window or tossing it to the side while waiting on the bus. If you don't have a trash can nearby, tuck that stuff into a bag or a pocket or just simply hold onto it until you reach a waste or recycle bin. 


You animals. 

Luckily the beauty outweighs the trash (most of the time). 

As I walked I saw the trees up close and personal that line the sidewalk. I smelled the grass that was freshly cut and the field that lays dormant until Christmas time when the tree salesmen plop tons of dead-but-not-yet-aware-of-it Douglas Firs out for sale. I saw cracks in the sidewalk that spidered across the concrete in whimsical, chaotic shapes. 

Best of all I felt my muscles shifting and pulling, contracting and stretching. And I am very lucky, I thought to myself, that I am physically able and capable of walking on my own two feet for five miles to grab some grub. 

Unfortunately I forgot my reusable water bottle and was thirsty upon arriving at the store. In addition to my few bits of veg, I needed to pick up a plastic bottle of water so I didn't keel over from dehydration. 

Okay, that's an exaggeration. But I was sweating a bit from the sun and the exercise. If I didn't drink anything experience told me I would end up with a whopper of a headache by the time I returned home. 

So, alas, plastic bottle of water it was. 

But (and this is for all you litter bugs out there) I carried that empty sucker home with me and put it in the recycling bin! 

Pay Up Time!

What did I buy on day 9 of my 365 days of No Buy, No Way, No How?

I am proud to report that I have purchased only:

  • Green Peppers (2x)
  • Organic Tomatoes (3x)
  • Mango (my snack on the walk back home)
  • Plastic Bottle of Water (recycle that, people!)
  • Cheese (this cheese was not so tasty. Not to self: don't buy that cheese again. Bleah)
This comes to a whopping total of: 21.25 USD!

Acquired using my lovely, tired feet! No car required. Wahoo!

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